I had the fortunate pleasure of working with Janet through some of the breastfeeding obstacles I faced, a month after delivering my little girl. I was determined to breastfeed my baby, but did not anticipate some of the challenges I would come across, including a cracked nipple and extreme pain due to my baby’s poor latch.

Janet was amazing with helping me to get my little one to latch on properly and gave me plenty of helpful tips, which has made my breast feeding journey enjoyable for both baby and me. Without the help and support of an amazing lactation consultant like Janet, I may have called quits on breastfeeding because of the pain and discomfort I experienced.
— Nona

Hi Lauren,

My name is Lori and you helped me out early on in my breastfeeding journey last year. Last week I completed my weening plan and nursed my 13 month old son for the last time. It was a bitter sweet moment!  I wanted to send you and email to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support (email, phone, and you even visited me) you gave in the beginning of my  journey.  I don’t think I would have made it so far without your support.

You genuinely care about the success of your clients and your passion as a lactation consultant really shows!


Dear Lauren,

I just wanted to thank you again. I have a different life now. I know when my baby is hungry now, I know when he’s tired, I know his general schedule, everything is different. I now enjoy every moment of his awake periods because I’m not worried the whole time.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Janet was a godsend! I am a first time mama and was so overwhelmed by nursing at first. She was such a calm and warm presence coming in to my home at such an important and intimate time. Her knowledge and support made all the difference for me. I had some significant insomnia and she continued to be an excellent post partum resource for months. She was so accessible and was quick to give great feedback and genuine care during this intense season. I love my nursing relationship with my son and absolutely could not have made it through those early weeks and months without Janet!

Lauren Reyes is awesome! She helped me through my mastitis & answered countless questions for me. She taught the breastfeeding class that I attended at St Davids North and I was so happy that she was available as a personal LC. She came to my home and showed me different techniques to get my mastitis in check, reccomended special nipple cream and showed me different nursing techniques. She always made me feel that she was in no rush and would be there as long as needed. She was available for questions after her visit and she was able to come in less than 24 hours each time!

I highly recommend her. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and makes you completely comfortable. I’m so glad that I called Lauren when I was having issues!
—Lori Dixon

I cannot explain how wonderful of an experience it was working with Kristine. I’m a mom with the 3rd who was hard to figure out. Kristine was so helpful and got us on track. I highly recommend!
— Michelle Petersen

Kristine Kovach diagnosed my son with tongue tie when my pediatrician missed it. He had the corrective surgery and is now feeding correctly. Kristine was very supportive and helpful, even answered my emails at midnight. This place is great for those moms determined to breastfeed. The process is not easy, but they make it easier. Would highly recommend to all nursing moms.
— Joy Lin

It was a great experience. As a first time mom, I can’t recommend this class enough, and the Breastfeeding Success company enough. I felt right at home, the class was open for questions with hands on experience. I highly recommend this class! Looking forward to the support group once baby is here!
— Chrystal Mattozzi

Had a great visit with Naya. She was very helpful and informative. It was nice to get hands on breast feeding help and have his weight checked while doing it to see how much he actually got. We had a great talk, got lots of tips and she quickly sent a very detailed post meeting wrap up to me. It was a detailed list of what we discussed and a recommended plan. Ultimately, I decided exclusive pumping was a better fit for me. When I emailed Naya, she also offered support in that realm should I need it.
— Sarah Haney

Kristine was terrific. Really knew her stuff.  Very practical in her help and very encouraging. For a mom struggling with breastfeeding it was a very hopeful experience. We are grateful!
— Betsy Nichols

Kristine was so helpful, we went for a check in to make sure my baby was feeding enough. Kristine gave us so many helpful tips which helped us a lot. Would highly recommend her.
— Abhilasha G., Austin, TX

I don’t know for how long I will continue to breastfeed but what I know for sure is that I have a supporting and knowledgable team by my side ready to answer all my questions 24/7! My breastfeeding experience is much better with bfsuccess team and I feel more confident as a mother.
— Kateryna S., Shrewsbury, MA

I’m so thankful the pediatrician at Seton recommended I call The Breastfeeding Success Company! I had to supplement with donor milk in the hospital because my baby had low blood sugar levels so our breastfeeding journey started out tough. As soon as I got home I called them and Janet set me up with an appointment at my house when my son was 5 days old. Naya came to the rescue and helped us so much! She set me up with a great schedule of breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding when necessary and helped me get him on track until his two week checkup. I had horrible clogged ducts and thrush, and she was there at anytime to help me via phone or email. I literally don’t know how I would have got through it without her support. My baby is now 9 weeks and I totally have it down now. Call them for support!
— Brittany G., Austin, TX

The BF Success Company was my life raft when I got home after delivering my first child and she wasn’t breastfeeding well and was losing weight. The LCs I worked with were knowledgeable, understanding, and experienced. They’re not judgmental and are open to working with whatever mom’s breastfeeding goals are. The clinic is beautifully decorated to feel soft, cozy, and relaxing, so you feel totally comfortable and at ease in what could be a stressful situation. And their free breastfeeding support group is such a great resource even after mom and baby have established a good breastfeeding routine. This is a five star company, for sure.
— Christina D., Austin, TX

Kristine saved breastfeeding for my daughter and my sanity. She helped us get on track with feeding, was a kind and listening ear, and was always quick to respond to my frequent emails. She was there for me during such a challenging time and supported us until we were on track with weight gain. I loved spending time with Kristine and always left the clinic feeling confident and relieved. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone – she’s the best.
— Amanda M., Austin, TX

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