Bosom Buddies: New Baby Parent to Parent Group

Join us for a weekly parent to parent group on Mondays from 1-3pm!

This is a virtual meet up led by an IBCLC designed for for infant feeding or general new parent support.  Feel free to pop in for any portion of the meeting. You do not have to be a BF Success client to join us – this group is open to the public.  We only ask that you are respectful of all participants and the moderator and are tollerant of views or parenting styles that may differ from your own. This group is open to parents who may provide breastmilk in a number of ways – you do not have to be exclusively breastfeeding or feeding at the breast to attend.

Fill out this form to tell us about you and your baby and you will be given the link to join us upon form completion. Once you’re in, please announce yourself and then mute your phone. Background noise can make it difficult for everyone to hear the person speaking. If you are using the video link please turn on your camera

If you have already filled out the form feel free to add this link to your calendar as a recurring event and join us every week!

Lets get connected!

Connect Directly Here

Or dial in using this number: 1 929-277-5704‬ PIN: ‪374 260 783‬# Mondays from 1:00 – 3:00pm


Please remember that this group is for peer support. It is not the right setting for a full consultation. Information provided in the group setting does not replace an existing feeding plan, or change care instructions from your health care provider. If your issues are complex or you’d benefit from one-on-one care, please schedule an appointment with us by calling 512-808-0237.

*Donations are appreciated so that we may continue to invite other professionals to speak on topics that are important to you and so that our LCs are also compensated for their time.

Call us today! 512-808-0237