Breast Pump and Baby Scale Rental

Breastfeeding Success offers hospital-grade breast pumps and pediatric scale rentals at Ascension Seton Hospitals and Breastfeeding Success Clinics

Why would I need a hospital grade breast pump?

When you are establishing or increasing your milk supply, you will find more success with a rental hospital grade pump. A personal use pump that you can buy at the store or get from your insurance works well after you have established your milk supply and only need to pump while you are away from your baby, i.e. going back to work, school, or the occasional night out. If your milk supply is low or your baby is not able to drain the breast effectively with breastfeeding every 1.5 – 3 hrs, we recommend a hospital grade breast pump.

The Breastfeeding Success Company - Austin's Premier Lactation Services Provider - Fact Sheet
The Breastfeeding Success Company - Austin's Premier Lactation Services Provider - Fact Sheet

What is the difference between rental pumps and the pump that I received from my insurance?

The best breast pump will mimic most closely what a baby does at breast. A hospital grade breast pump is a quality made piece of equipment with extensive research invested, and has a retail price tag of around $2,000. A hospital grade pump will have a larger piston installed, which means that as it goes through it’s suck/release cycle it is drawing on the breast longer, helping express the milk more like an infant. It also has a more sophistocated cycle pattern, much like your baby. A high end hospital grade pump has a smoother cycle, which leads to more comfortable and effective pumping. A personal use pump, like those provided by your insurance company with a price tag of $100-$400, is designed to be used in a more limited capacity. It has a lower cost because it is designed to be used 2-4 times per day for up to 1 year, sometimes less. It is an appropriate pump for someone with an established milk supply who needs to pump a couple of times a day to maintain milk production while away from her baby.

Why would I need a pediatric scale?

Pediatric scales are used to ensure that your baby continues gaining weight as we decrease supplementation of expressed breastmilk and move to breastfeeding exclusively. Because we can’t measure the ounces in our breasts, it can be difficult to determine that baby has received sufficient amounts of breastmilk during a feeding. Our pediatric scales are precise to 2g or .1oz  so that you can weigh your baby before and after feeding to measure how well your baby is draining your breast and if they are getting enough breastmilk to gain weight appropriately. Daily weight checks also can be reported to your pediatrician

The Breastfeeding Success Company - Austin's Premier Lactation Services Provider - Fact Sheet

***All proceeds from pump and scale rental go directly into continuing education for our team as well as staff education at the hospitals with which we collaborate***

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