Breastfeeding Success is award-winning,
medically integrated lactation care


Janet Jones and Lauren Reyes

While breastfeeding benefits for babies, parents, and society as a whole are supported by decades of scientific and economic study, the lactation care families receive before and after childbirth is often inconsistent. Breastfeeding Success exists to help families, employers, and healthcare providers to remove breastfeeding barriers so families can find their own success.

Every family deserves lactation support.
A lack of lactation support results in disturbingly low levels of postpartum breastfeeding, despite recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics for a year or more of breastfeeding for optimal health.

Even when families receive lactation care at their birthing facility, gaps in care and challenges at home or work can be difficult to resolve, and often block families from reaching their infant feeding goals.

It used to be that to solve for these gaps, growing families had to arrange their own lactation care — and hospitals who offered this care did so without reimbursement. Today, when families give birth at a facility served by Breastfeeding Success, lactation care is a seamless part of the experience.

We’re here to change all that.
Our vision is a world in which lactation care is part of the whole parent journey for everyone. We pursue it by making lactation care familiar and easy to access at every step. Breastfeeding Success increases access, improves delivery, and transforms the economics of lactation care. This is how we help nurture more resilient, confident, and healthy families:

Families We help growing families build breastfeeding confidence and find success with any infant feeding style through parent education and lactation care.

Employers We help employers build more positive, productive, and profitable workplaces with lactation programs that both improve health and cut healthcare costs.

Hospital Systems With lactation care through Breastfeeding Success, hospitals offer better infant care and drive positive health outcomes while cutting costs.

Physician Groups We offer medically integrated lactation care that seamlessly supports patients along the parenting journey.

Lactation Consultants We provide a way for IBLCs to be the best care providers they can be, and help more people find rewarding careers that help growing families thrive.

Setting a new standard in lactation care
Breastfeeding Success is a team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), Registered Nurses (RNs) who are IBCLCs, Licensed and Registered Dieticians (RDs, LDs), and caring parent educators.

  1. IBCLCs are certified by an internationally-recognized board to meet rigorous standards and demonstrate specialized skills in clinical management of breastfeeding and human lactation.
  2. Our Licensed and Registered Dieticians are neonatal specialists with expertise in optimal infant feeding from birth to age two.
  3. Our parent educators are a team of highly trained pregnancy and childbirth experts, breastfeeding and infant nutrition specialists, and certified infant safety instructors.

Our highly trained practitioners provide care in seamless partnership with primary care providers under the supervision of an MD. Our mentor-collaborate-measure model ensures that our partners and patients get the highest quality lactation support possible.

Just the facts
Breastfeeding Success was founded in 2014 by Lauren Reyes, IBCLC, RLC and Janet Jones, IBCLC, RLC to innovate lactation care. The Austin, Texas based company has grown to be the largest provider of lactation services and parent education in Central Texas.

Company: The Breastfeeding Success Company, LLC (BFS) is headquartered in Austin, Texas and has 35 employees.

Vision: Breastfeeding support becomes synonymous with the highest standards of pre- to postnatal care for parents and babies wherever they are across Central Texas.

Mission: To provide the gold standard of breastfeeding medicine and neonatal dietetics when and where growing families need it.

Services: Our services are offered in-hospital or birthing center, at our clinics, and via telemed. We are in-network with all major insurers. We also offer bespoke consulting for hospital systems and employers.

  • Lactation consultations
  • Outpatient and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) dietetics
  • Parent education classes and groups
  • Hospital-grade breast pump and scale rentals

We also offer healthcare provider education and training, as well as bespoke consulting for hospital systems, aspiring lactation consultants, and employers.

Growth: Our medically integrated care model provides hospitals with no-cost lactation services that satisfy patients at scale.

  • BFS serves approximately 13,000 babies each year — up to 250 per week.
  • We are partnered with Dell Childrens and co-located at six Ascension Seton facilities in Central Texas providing lactation services and NICU dietetics care.
  • Our contract with Ascension Seton makes us the largest lactation services provider in the region.

History: We are adding clinic locations and hospital partners. Our milestones demonstrate the demand for lactation care, and our ability to respond.

  • 2014: Breastfeeding Success founded.
  • 2015: South Austin clinic opened, we become first in-network lactation provider in Austin.
  • 2017: Contract with Ascension Seton signed.
  • 2018 Central Austin clinic at Ascension Seton opened.
  • 2019: Medical director named for seamless medical integration of lactation care.

Awards: Breastfeeding Success is recognized in the industry as lactation innovators and gold standard providers of lactation care.

  • 2020 – 2023: Janet Jones elected treasurer, board of directors, ILCA.
  • 2020: Lauren Reyes and Janet Jones awarded USLCA Changemaker Award.
  • 2020: Honoree Austin Birth Awards by Partners in Parenting.
  • 2019: Winner Austin Birth Awards by Partners in Parenting.
  • 2019: Finalist, FAVE (Favorite Austin Venture or Enterprise).

Affiliations: Breastfeeding Success is a member of the International Lactation Consultant Association, United States Lactation Consultant Association, and the Central Texas Breastfeeding Coalition.


Lactation happens, and we’re here for all of it. Call us to find success with any infant feeding style.