Finish at the Breast



The Finish at The Breast method of supplementation is a technique where babies are offered bottle supplements before breast or chestfeeding to raise their energy levels and to reward them as they transition to complete, direct breastfeeds. Finish at The Breast is an excellent technique to try with babies that are not engaged while breast or chestfeeding and seem to “wait” for the bottle. It can also be helpful for those babies that require a bit of palate and flow stimulation prior to breastfeeding.

Equipment Needed:

• Baby
• Bottle
• 1-2 oz supplemental milk


  1. Offer ¼-½ oz. less than the average amount of supplemental milk baby has received after feeds from the bottle before breastfeeding
  2. Use paced bottle feeding to mimic breast behavior with a bottle.
  3. Breastfeed baby using deep breast compressions until baby slows and stops

Follow Up:

Bear in mind that the Finish at The Breast method is one technique used by lactation professionals to get babies back to the breast while building the milk supply. This method is always combined with a detailed care plan that includes multiple supplementation methods and a timeline for progression towards a family’s particular goals.

Frequent follow-up by your lactation professional and healthcare provider is recommended because care plans for babies transitioning back to breast and/or lactating parents building their milk supply must be updated often.

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