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Ready to learn about birth, newborn care, self care, and more? Our classes and groups are a great way to practice skills and make virtual connections with families on the parent journey right alongside you.

Breastfeeding Success - Classes

Belly to Birth:

Your Childbirth Journey

Give yourself the gift of time to learn about your body, your baby, and the mechanics of labor and birth. 4-week series.

Breastfeeding Success - Classes

Belly to Birth:

The 4-Hour Quick Childbirth Class

Get set for a new arrival in this streamlined course on the mechanics of labor and birth.

Breastfeeding Success - Classes

Belly to Birth:

How to Make a Birth Plan

Learn how to make a birth plan and leave with a completed plan, ready to face your big day. 

Partner Prep - The manual for labor and birth Support - class

Birthing Partner Prep:

The manual for labor and birth support

Some great ideas for how to physically & emotionally support your person through childbirth.

Breastfeeding Success - Classes

Knowledge is Power:

Coping With Labor Pain Without Medication

Discover non-medical ways to handle the purposeful, relative, manageable, temporary pain of labor.

Breastfeeding 101 Class

Breastfeeding 101:

Introduction to Breastfeeding

Learn about breast- and chest feeding benefits and techniques to get things off to a great start.

Baby Formula 101 Class

Baby Formula 101:

What You Need to Know

Discover why infant formula selection and preparation are important, guidance on how much to feed your baby, and much more.

Newborn Care 101 - Kids don't come with a manual - class

Newborn Care 101:

Taking Care of a Newborn Baby

Ask burning questions and gain insider knowledge, skills, and hacks for the big job of parenthood.

Expecting a Baby:

Introduction to Baby Massage

Discover how to use baby massage to calm your infant, create parenting routines, and bond with your baby through touch.

Baby Massage:

How to Massage your Baby Head to Toe

Learn about the benefits of infant massage, where and when to offer it to your baby, oils to use, and hands-on techniques.

Baby Massage:

For Dads & Parenting Partners

Learn how dads and parenting partners can connect and bond with the new baby through infant massage.

Breastfeeding classes & groups - Texas

Starting Baby on Solids:

Let baby lead the way

Ideal first foods and Baby-Led Weaning strategies let your baby explore tastes and textures and share family meals together.

Keep It Safe: Infant Safety and CPR Class

Keep It Safe:

Infant CPR and Safety

Learn infant care safety and life-saving skills from a certified CPR, AED, and First Aid instructor.

Sleeping like a baby - the new normal - class

Sleeping Like A Baby:

Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep

Choose sleepy-time strategies that fit both you and your baby with a deeper understanding of sleep.

Pumpity Pump - how to stash milk for work or whatever

Pumpity Pump:

Pumping Milk for Your Baby

If you are returning to work, pumping for a NICU baby, or simply plan to pump and bottle feed, this class will set you up for pumping success.

Is this all ok? Year one of Child Development Class

Is This All Ok?

Baby Development Milestones in the First Year

Understand how babies grow and learn — and what parents can do to encourage healthy development.

What happens after birth? Recover, Heal & Restore Class

What happens after birth?

Postpartum Recovery, Healing & Restoration

Our bodies go through big changes during pregnancy and birth. Find out how you can prepare and feel great in your body after baby.


The Importance Of Self-Care In Pregnancy And Postpartum

This class will help you recognize and manage the emotional changes that you may encounter during and after pregnancy.

Connection Session: Pregnancy Parent-to-Parent Group Class

Parent to Parent:

Pregnancy Support Group

Chat about labor, birth, and postpartum recovery with parents who are on the journey alongside you.

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Bosom Buddies:

New Parent Support Group

Newborn care, sleep, feeding and more? Talk it out with peers who know just what you’re going through.

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