spoon in baby formula- formula 101 class

Baby Formula 101: What You Need To Know

Live, virtual class


Baby formula has been in the news a lot lately, first with recalls and then shortages. But if you’re not able to provide breast milk, baby formula is still your best option.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to safely prepare formula
  • How to properly use formula for your particular needs and the best results
  • What is actually in formula
  • Where to find formula 
  • Different types of formula
  • Safe storage of formula
  • How much to give your baby at each age and stage
  • What to mix –and not to mix–with formula

Partners are welcome and encouraged to participate.

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What past attendees have said:

“We thoroughly enjoyed these classes and the way the instructors made us feel comfortable with their expertise, passion, and personality.”

“I appreciate how much time was given to answering questions – our class had a lot and they were all answered without judgment!”

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