Partner prep class with pregnant woman


How To Make A Birth Plan

Live, virtual class

How to Make a Birth Plan is a service that will help you discover what your hopes are for your birth experience. We will help you put your wishes for this special day into words. 

A birth plan can be a valuable tool going into birth, but there are right and wrong ways to create and use one. The process can be intimidating!

This session will provide guidance from our birth educator. 

You’ll receive:

  • a questionnaire to help you get started
  • some online assignments
  • a private 1-1 session with our parent educator to ask questions and get the details and structure finalized.

We’ll also discuss what to do with your birth plan after it’s done!

Partners are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

Making a birth plan is ideally done AFTER taking a childbirth class.

This class is set up by appointmentS.  Click below to register for your meeting with Ali, our Parent Education Program Manager!

What past attendees have said:

“My husband and I feel much more confident about the birthing process now!”

“We thoroughly enjoyed these classes and the way the instructors made us feel comfortable with their expertise, passion, and personality.”

“I appreciate how much time was given to answering questions – our class had a lot and they were all answered without judgment!”

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