Partner prep class with pregnant woman


Introduction To Breastfeeding

Live, virtual class


Achieve Breastfeeding Success!

Join us for a fun and informative class to get you prepared for breastfeeding your new little bundle. 

During this interactive and engaging class, we will cover:

  • Why breastfeed?
  • How to get things off to a good start
  • What to expect in the first few days
  • What to expect during engorgement
  • Milk production explained – establishing and maintaining supply
  • How to know that things are going well and when to ask for help
  • Understanding and overcoming common breastfeeding challenges
  • Hand expression
  • Breast pumps and other tools

Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

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What past attendees have said:

“”I will definitely be reaching out to Cassie if I’m struggling with breastfeeding. I felt comfortable with her and would love to chat with her again. Thanks :)”

“I appreciate how much time was given to answering questions – our class had a lot and they were all answered without judgement!”

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