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Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep

Live, virtual class

As any new exhausted parent will tell you, a baby’s sleep is unpredictable.

This class will help you understand the biological and physiological aspects of sleep, the role of nutrition, and the psychological aspect of how your child is growing, developing, and learning during the first year of their life. By considering all these components and learning about different strategies and techniques to help your infant sleep, you can make informed parenting decisions and choose strategies or approaches around napping and bedtime that are right for both you and your baby. 

Topics covered will include: 

  •  What does a normal baby’s sleep pattern look like? 
  •  The biology of newborn sleep 
  •  The transition to adult sleep patterns 
  •  Is my baby waking because of hunger? 
  •  Sleep and nutrition 
  •  Different strategies to support infant sleep 
  •  What is sleep training? 
  •  Discussion of the evidence base behind sleep interventions in infants 
  •  Pros and cons of different approaches 
  •  Troubleshooting common sleep problems in infants 

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About the instructor:

Dr. Ellie Wheeler is from the United Kingdom. She got her Master’s degree in Psychology and Mathematics from the University of St Andrews in 2002 and went on to gain her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Glasgow in 2009. Before completing her doctorate she worked as a nanny for a number of years, specializing in working with children with special needs. After graduating she worked as a psychologist in the UK, working with young people suffering from eating disorders and their families.

What past attendees have said:

“I appreciated having a copy of the slides and research articles to supplement the class. I also like that Ellie offers a free 30-min consultation for taking the class.”

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