Rent high-quality hospital-grade breastfeeding equipment

Measure how much milk is getting from the breast into baby, establish or increase milk supply, or build up a milk stash to share feeding duties. We make it easy to rent the tools you need to succeed.

Find the right breastfeeding equipment for you.

If you need a hospital-grade breast pump or pediatric scale, call 512-808-0237 in the Austin and Central Texas areas. We will be happy to help you choose your equipment and find one of our clinics or hospital partner locations for pickup.

Breastfeeding Tools - pump & Scale Rentals
Breastfeeding Tools - pump & Scale Rentals

Why would I need a hospital-grade breast pump?

Pumping is a great strategy for establishing or increasing milk supply. It can be critical for NICU families, as pumping gets breast milk into babies who are unable to feed directly from the breast.

If you are pumping in order to establish or increase milk supply, you will find more success with a hospital-grade pump. And since these high quality pumps can cost ~$2,000 to buy, renting is a great way to get quality results at a lower price.

You can get a less expensive pump at the store or from insurance. This works well after you have established your milk supply and only need to pump to return to work, school, or to have a night out. But if your milk supply is low or your baby is not able to drain the breast with breastfeeding every 1.5 to 3 hrs, we recommend a hospital-grade breast pump.

Why can’t I just use the pump I got from my insurance?

Hospital-grade pumps are high quality machines, and that makes them expensive. A store-bought or insurance-provided pump will likely be of lesser quality — and when it comes to pumping comfort and success, quality is the key.

Our hospital-grade pumps are made with hardworking motors and pistons designed to operate for years while used 8 to 12 times a day. Smooth cycling and consistent suction not only feels better, it can help you collect more ounces of breast milk per pumping session.

By contrast, a personal-use pump is designed to be used for about one year at 2 to 4 times a day. Jerky suction and cycling speed are ineffective for parents who are pumping to establish or increase milk supply.

When it comes to pumps, quality is measured in ounces. Beware pumps that claim to be “hospital grade” but cost just a few hundred dollars. You are likely to be disappointed by a low quality machine, a less comfortable pumping action, and fewer ounces of milk collected.

Why would I need a pediatric scale?

Breasts don’t come with ounce markers. That’s why a hospital-grade scale becomes a useful tool for assessing a baby’s growth. Pre- and post-feed weight checks are the most accurate way to see how much breast milk a breastfed baby is consuming.

Our pediatric scales are precise to 2g or .1oz. Most scales available for home use are sensitive only to 10 grams(g) or 0.5 ounce(oz), and that’s not enough. That extra sensitivity is needed to detect the weight of the breast milk your baby has consumed during a feeding session.

Reporting the results of pre- and post-feed weight checks will allow your providers to look for patterns, assess your baby’s ability to drain the breast at each feeding, and confirm whether they are getting enough breast milk to gain weight appropriately.

Breastfeeding Success Company - Central Texas' premier Lactation Services Provider
Breastfeeding Success Company - Central Texas' premier Lactation Services Provider

Rent the best for less.

Hospital-grade pumps and scales are expensive to purchase, and the time you will need them is limited. Renting is a cost-effective way to get the best equipment at a low cost.

When you rent from Breastfeeding Success, you’re helping build breastfeeding culture. All proceeds from our pump and scale rentals go directly into continuing education for our team as well as for staff education at our partner hospitals.

Simply call 512-808-0237. We will be happy to help you choose the right equipment and set up the best pick-up location for you.

Rental equipment can be picked up at Ascension Seton Hospitals and Breastfeeding Success Clinics. To see if we’re near you, find a clinic.

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