Get off to a great start from the first look, latch, and love.

Birth is a powerful time to build breastfeeding confidence. Gone are the days when families needed to find their own lactation care solutions. When families give birth at a facility we serve, lactation care is a seamless part of the experience.

Why would we need lactation care?

Lactation happens, but studies show lactation care helps families reach their breastfeeding goals. We’re passionate about helping you understand your body’s abilities and your baby’s needs so you can make informed choices. We help families find their own success!

In-Hospital Lactation Services - breastfeeding success

How does it work?

When you give birth in a facility we serve, we will be there to help you. Our lactation consultants make daily rounds during your stay to assess your infant feeding needs. Your lactation consultant will provide a personalized lactation care plan and communicate it to the nursing staff and your healthcare provider so you’ll have 24×7 infant feeding support.

What’s an IBCLC?

Your Breastfeeding Success lactation consultant is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). IBCLCs are certified by an internationally recognized board to meet rigorous standards and demonstrate specialized skills in clinical management of breastfeeding and human lactation.

What’s a lactation care plan?

Your IBCLC will create a care plan based on your infant feeding needs, goals, and challenges. Our lactation care plans are created in collaboration with your hospital healthcare providers and serve as a handoff to your outpatient healthcare provider. We communicate with nursing staff, your OBGYN, and with your baby’s pediatrician to reach one shared goal: optimal nutrition, healthy baby, happy family.

Which hospitals offer Breastfeeding Success services?

Breastfeeding Success is the largest provider of lactation care in Central Texas, in-network with all major insurance plans and partnered with several hospitals and growing.

How can I request an in-hospital lactation consult?

You will be assessed by a lactation consultant within 24 hours of delivery or earlier. If you need help understanding your lactation care plan, talk to a nurse or your lactation consultant at the next daily rounding.

What will lactation care cost?

Lactation care is a covered benefit many parents don’t realize they have. Breastfeeding Success services are in-network with all major insurers. Learn more about costs and insurance.

Breastfeeding is for NICU families, too.

Breastfeeding Success have IBCLCs with specialized training in NICU care. We help families learn how to feed their new baby at the breast and help families get started with pumping.

Donor breast milk support.

Depending on availability at the specific hospital facility, Breastfeeding Success IBCLCs support the delivery of donor breast milk.

What happens once we bring our baby home?

We will follow-up with you in the early days of having your newborn at home. We can help with any breastfeeding concern as new routines settle into place. If you need care, we can see you at our clinic locations, via telemed, or in your home.


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