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Breastfeeding is a skill that new parents and babies learn together. If you have breastfeeding questions or challenges, book a lactation consultation. Our caring IBCLCs can help you reach your infant feeding goals.

What is a lactation consultation?

The goal of any lactation consultation is to identify and address any issues associated with breastfeeding in a way that works for your unique family. Your lactation consultant will listen to your concerns, assess you and your baby, and observe a feeding session to provide a personalized care plan.

Call Us When You Need Help With:

Breastfeeding challenges

Making breastfeeding comfortable for both you and your baby takes practice. Common challenges range from breast or nipple pain to finding a comfortable feeding position. If you or your baby are feeling any feeding distress, a lactation consultant can help you find solutions.

Milk supply confidence

From providing enough milk to handling an over-abundant flow, many breastfeeding families worry about milk supply. A lactation consultant can give you perspective on your milk supply situation, solve any supply problems, and gain breastfeeding confidence.

Baby nutrition and growth concerns

Are you, your pediatrician, or someone else in your life concerned about your baby’s weight gain? A lactation consultant can help you assess feeding effectiveness, determine exactly how much your baby is eating, and come up with a personalized care plan. Includes expert referrals to our Specialized Registered Dietitian support as needed.

Breastfeeding optimization

Even if breastfeeding is going well, you may have burning questions or want to learn more about how it all works. A lactation consultant can help you fine-tune your feeding experience and give you caring support to keep going and feel great.

Induced and re-lactation care

Did you know that any human has the potential to lactate? Inducing lactation or re-lactation is achievable with therapeutic support. Ask us about our induced lactation consultations before starting hormone therapy to track your progress and tailor therapy to meet your needs.

Lactation journey care

Breastfeeding needs change with time. A lactation consultant can help you navigate feeding changes as your baby grows. From starting solids to weaning, to building up a milk stash to return-to-work (or whatever else is on your agenda), we can help.

What’s an IBCLC?

Your Breastfeeding Success lactation consultant is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). IBCLCs are certified by an internationally-recognized board to meet rigorous standards and demonstrate specialized skills in clinical management of breastfeeding and human lactation.

How long is a consult?

A lactation consultation takes from 1 to 1.5 hours. Whether your consult is in-person or online, bring your baby hungry so we can observe an entire feeding. During in-clinic and in-home visits, babies are weighed before and after feeding to document breast milk intake. It is also helpful to bring any breastfeeding equipment you are using or may need help with.

What do I get from my consult?

You’ll get a personalized care plan including evidence-based recommendations to improve health and comfort for you and your baby, as w