Nutrition and growth from birth to age two.

Does your family have concerns around optimal infant nutrition? Whether your baby is a proud NICU graduate, a full-termer experiencing growth or allergy issues, or you simply have questions about safe formula feeding, get specialized help via telemedicine.

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What is an infant pediatric nutrition consultation?

The goal of an infant nutrition consultation is to address issues associated with your baby’s diet and growth. A specialized Registered Dietitian (RD) will carefully assess your baby’s needs to provide a personalized nutrition plan.

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NICU graduate care

Congratulations on bringing your baby home from the NICU! Get safe, in-home nutritional support from a specialized RD via telemed. It’s focused feeding support NICU families can count on from infancy to age two.

Baby nutrition and growth concerns

If your family or pediatrician is concerned about your baby’s growth, a telemed session with a specialized RD can help. Get expert nutritional analysis and learn about ways to fortify breast milk or make formula adjustments to ensure your baby’s caloric needs are met.

Safe formula feeding

From families choosing to formula feed to those who must provide formula supplementation, we’re here to help. Learn about formula safety, reaction handling, formula adjustments, and get your questions answered by a specialized RD.

Ongoing infant feeding care

Infant feeding needs change with time. If your infant has experienced growth or nutrition challenges, consulting with a specialized RD can help you navigate feeding changes through age two. From issues around weaning to starting solids and beyond, we can help.

What’s a specialized Registered Dietitian?

Your Breastfeeding Success consultant is a specialized Registered Dietitian (RD) who works in concert with in-hospital RDs, neonatologists, and pediatricians to care for infant nutrition. Our RDs are neonatal specialists with expertise in optimal infant feeding from birth to age two.

How long is a consult?

Infant nutrition consultations are offered via telemed, and last about 45 minutes. In most cases, your consultation will be upon referral from your in-hospital RD, neonatologist, or pediatrician. To assess your baby’s nutritional needs, our RD will request medical history information from your baby’s pediatrician. You may need to provide consent to release these details. During the appointment, you will be asked to provide:

• Medical diagnoses (if any)
• A list of medications, supplements, allergies
• Your baby’s current weight and length as well as any growth charts
• Feeding logs from two recent days

What do I get from my appointment?

You’ll get a personalized nutritional plan including evidence-based recommendations to meet your baby’s feeding needs, as well as follow-up care by phone. Follow-ups take 30 minutes and will be scheduled as needed after your initial consultation.

What will infant nutrition care cost?

Infant nutrition care is a covered benefit many parents don’t realize they have. Breastfeeding Success services are in-network with all major insurers. Check if your insurance is listed here.

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We’ve expanded Registered Dietitian care beyond the hospital so you can get expert infant nutrition support via telemed. Need help with a referral? Call us.

TELEMED APPOINTMENTS  Infant nutrition consultations are offered by telemed only. Virtual consultations offer safe, convenient care right in your own home.

24X7 PHONE SUPPORT  Get up to 15-minutes of support or assessment anytime you need help with infant feeding. If further care is needed, we’ll help you book an appointment.

Need infant nutrition care now?

It’s easy to book an infant nutrition appointment online. If you’re not sure what you need, call us for guidance.

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