Breastfeeding Success Team Members

This section of the site is dedicated to current Breastfeeding Success team members. We are so excited that you are a part of the team. Please share your thoughts and experiences.

BFS Boost Notes

Sometimes we could all use a little lift… a Boost-i-Yay if you will.

Let your team members know that they did a good job by filling out the form below. Their manager will be notified and then the note will be given to your colleague.

This can be used for BFS staff, nursing staff, physicians, management, or leadership. Anyone that you notice taking that extra step to make sure that a family receives the best care possible or goes above and beyond to help a team member deserves to be elevated.

Thanks for the support, now here is your Boost-i-Yay!

  • Name of the BFS team member or colleague that you would like to recognize
  • Please tell us who you are and we will add your name to their Thank you note. Leave it blank if you wish to be left anonymous
  • Let us know how to reach you in case we would like more info

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Platform for ordering additional brochures for your facility, BFS business cards, badge reels, etc.

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