Hospital Based Services

Breastfeeding Success Company partners with hospitals to provide comprehensive Lactation and Neonatal Dietetics services. We are a practice of over 35 Lactation Consultants (IBCLC’s), Neonatal Dieticians (NICU RDs), and Parent Educators providing care in six hospitals and five breastfeeding medicine clinics. Our team is dedicated to evidence-based practice and compassionate care.

Services include

  • Parent Education (Ascension Seton/Ascension Providence)
  • In Hospital Lactation Support  (Ascension Seton/Ascension Providence)
  • NICU Lactation Support (Ascension Seton/Ascension Providence)
  • NICU Dietetics Services (Cedar Park Regional Medical Center)
The Breastfeeding Success Company - Austin's Premier Lactation Services Provider - Fact Sheet

While in the hospital at any of the facilities that we serve, families receive compassionate, evidence based, and competent care. Though you may not need to ask for support, if you are experiencing breastfeeding difficulty and have not had contact with the IBCLC, simply ask your nurse to order a breastfeeding consultation. You will be visited by one of our Breastfeeding Success Lactation Consultants promptly. If your baby is in the NICU, the Neonatal RDs are attending rounds with the physicians to ensure that your baby is getting the best care possible. NICU Lactation Consultants are available to help with direct breastfeeding or pumping.

Ascension Seton goes above and beyond to provide baby friendly, family centered care.

Here are a few of the standard policies and evidence based practices that you can expect:

  • Skin to skin time with your baby is encouraged immediately following delivery for both vaginal and cesarean births, providing that Mom and Baby are able. Partners are also encouraged to spend time skin to skin if Mom is feeling unwell.
  • Breastfeeding assistance in Labor and Delivery from nursing staff
  • Delayed bath for at least 12 hrs (waiting to give the first bath can help babies regulate temperature, blood sugar, and help them breastfeed.)
  • Rooming in – most procedures can be done in the room with you so that you can learn your baby’s cues.
  • No pacifiers unless requested, a painful medical procedure is being performed, or the baby is separated from you while in the NICU.
  • Access to an IBCLC for breastfeeding assistance
  • Referral for outpatient support once you leave the hospital through Breastfeeding Success, Mom’s Place, or other private practice IBCLCs in your area.

Donor Breastmilk Bridge Program

All Ascension Seton hospital now have Donor Expressed Breastmilk (DEBM) instead of formula available for moms who plan to exclusively breastfeed. This value added service has become policy for Ascension Seton.

Criteria for DEBM protocol

  • Plan to exclusively breastfeed
  • Baby has a medical need for supplementation that mom is not able to provide through regular pumping
  • Breastmilk supplement is ordered by the pediatrician
  • Mom continues to pump for supplementation at least eight (8) times daily
  • Baby is less than five days old (beyond five days, with a prescription from the pediatrician families may be able to purchase donor breastmilk from the Milk Bank.)

All of these excellent services combined can make for a great experience and overall success in achieving your breastfeeding goals. We are so proud to be a part of this collaboration.

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