LGBTQIA Lactation Services

It is our pleasure to be a part of the discovery of breastfeeding culture for every family

We proudly offer lactation services to LGBT families regardless of whether your family is giving birth, adopting, taking care of, or utilizing a surrogate. Many parents are excited to learn that the non-birth parent can breastfeed either by inducing lactation or dry nursing (supplementing baby at the non-lactating breast usually with a little tube taped next to the nipple). Breastfeeding is a culture for any parent that wishes to nurture their baby at their chest.

Lactation services are available before, during and after birth and/or adoption. If you are wishing to induce lactation, the longer lead time we have before baby arrives the better however, we can help even if you and your baby have been together for months. We are also happy to simply talk through options even prior to conception or paperwork.

Breastfeeding Success Company (BFS) offers prenatal breastfeeding classes, hospital lactation consultations at Ascension Seton hospitals, as well as outpatient services at one of our lactation Clinics.  We are happy to schedule a private class if you would like to focus on individual goals and strategies specific to your situation. Please contact us anytime 24/7 to set up a breastfeeding class or schedule an appointment

Induced Lactation

In some situations Inducing lactation or relactating may be desired.  This process requires information and ongoing support. Our Lactation consultants specialize in sharing the most current research in this rapidly growing approach. This service allows for one in-person consultation prior to starting therapy and up to three, 15-minute follow-up phone calls to track your progress and further tailor therapy appropriately to meet your goals.

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