The Breastfeeding Success Company - Austin's Premier Lactation Services ProviderThe art of breastfeeding and the science of lactation and human milk hold both thousands of years of maternal wisdom and recent decades of scientific discovery. Elevating breastfeeding support to the professional level of lactation consulting has created opportunities to care for more women and their babies by improving their access to compassionate professionals who are experts in helping women establish and sustain breastfeeding.

One of our goals at the Breastfeeding Success Company (BFS) is to simplify the relationship between specialized health professionals (IBCLC), healthcare facilities and patients by connecting professionals and families wherever they are and when they need it — from the hospital and outpatient clinics, to home and workplace.

The Breastfeeding Success Company is expanding career opportunities for IBCLC professionals. We are Central Texas’ largest provider of Lactation and NICU Dietetics staffing and the exclusive provider of these services for Ascension Central Texas which includes Ascension Seton and Ascension Providence hospitals. BFS employs a team of over 35 IBCLCs, RDs and Childbirth Educators providing services in seven hospitals; three level II NICUs; one level III NICU; one level IV NICU; one Children’s Hospital; five Breastfeeding Medicine Clinics and physician’s offices. Our mission is to ensure optimal health for newborn babies and their mothers by partnering with local healthcare delivery facilities to provide the gold-standard of neonatal nutrition and lactation support. BFS is committed to maintaining the highest quality providers in the region by offering competitive pay and a full-board of benefits as well as annual continuing education opportunities.

Our team is committed to achieving or surpassing industry practice standards for lactation and neonatal nutrition.

Lactation Staffing Services

All BFS lactation services providers are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants® (IBCLCs).” An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC) is the only internationally certified healthcare professional in the clinical management of breastfeeding and human lactation (Blenkinsop, 2002; Wambach et al., 2005)”. Furthermore, “The rigorous professional standards of the IBCLC, and the mandated demonstration of specialized knowledge and skill through international certification, are the defining characteristics that set IBCLCs apart from other lactation and breastfeeding support personnel. Support from mother-to-mother peer counselors, non-credentialed individuals who have taken a course in lactation and/or breastfeeding management, and community based breastfeeding coalitions, work in adjunct to the IBCLC (Thorley, 1999-2000).” ¹ Many IBCLCs are also RN, NNP, MPH, and MDs.

Healthcare facilities that offer IBCLC services experience greater patient and provider satisfaction, higher exclusive breastfeeding rates, and improved reputations in the community. Patient consumers expect high-quality lactation services throughout the birth experience and afterwards. Breastfeeding Success aims to partner with facilities to create tailored programs to meet their specific needs. BFS has proven a model that is revenue generating for its partner facilities. Call us today to learn more.

Neonatal/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Dietetics

Breastfeeding Success Company Neonatal Nutrition Services offers a comprehensive, expert nutrition care for NICU patients and professionals. Our skilled team of dietitians provides individualized patient care for every infant, as well as nutrition resource support for the unit, including invited participation in committees/work-groups and staff development/training activities, to enhance nutrition safety and quality.

All of our dietitians hold national registration (RD) and state licensure (LD) credentials in addition to defined NICU experience and/or advanced practice nutrition certification. They maintain impressive professional development portfolios demonstrating pertinent clinical knowledge, skills, and competence in cutting-edge areas of neonatal nutrition. They work to the highest tier within their scope of practice and in compliance with policies and regulatory codes.

Our team is committed to achieving, if not surpassing, industry practice standards for neonatal nutrition. Our dietitians provide comprehensive nutrition assessments/reassessments, evidence-based interventions, outcomes-focused plans of care in collaboration with attending providers, and patient-centered (parent) education. Our model of nutrition care prioritizes dietitian rounding with the multidisciplinary team in the NICU at a frequency that allows for timely review and modification of babies’ nutrition orders to optimize infant growth, feeding adequacy and tolerance, nutrition-related development, and discharge planning.

A Neonatal Nutrition Services Manager oversees the dietitians as well as our nutrition initiatives, activities, and resources, with responsibility for ensuring regulatory compliance, tracking quality and productivity metrics, leading continuous performance/process improvement, and cultivating open communication and partnership across disciplines.

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