By Lauren Reyes

It’s no secret that breastfeeding is good for both babies and parents. So how come it can be so challenging? Part of the answer is a lack of knowledge. Lactation care can help you gain the knowledge you need to reach your unique goals.

At Breastfeeding Success, our calling is to support growing families with parent-centered lactation care. Whether you choose to breastfeed, bottle-feed, or create your own combination of styles, what matters most is being empowered to make informed decisions. That’s why we’re here.

A lactation consultant’s role is to provide tools and strategies to help families feed their babies successfully. This can mean being a breastfeeding cheerleader. Or, it can mean helping families use formula wisely, or end lactation safely. It’s not just about breastfeeding — it’s about your success. 

Sometimes, parents worry that lactation consultants will judge their choices. But this fear just denies families the chance for expert care and connection. 

At Breastfeeding Success, lactation consultants do not judge families that choose not to breastfeed — we empower all families to understand all of their options. 

This is what “parent-centered” lactation care is all about. Parent-centered care invites everyone to understand a baby’s needs, the body’s abilities, and to be given the support to navigate their infant feeding journey. 

That’s why in our practice, a challenging moment is as rewarding as a hundred successful latches. For us, the chance to validate a feeding parent’s experience and decision-making is the most important care we can give.

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